Designing the Future

Innovation is vital to the long term health and success of any company.Without it success cannot be sustained. Any strong position in the marketplace tends to be eroded by competition. Rivals copy your ideas, someone sees a way to cut costs, academics and consultants spread good practice, and the customers are constantly changing their demands.

Innovation is the only reliable way to avoid decline in the longer term.

But Innovation is risky. There are:

  • Market risks – are there customers?
  • Commercial risks - are there enough customers at the right price?
  • Technical risks - will the product work?
  • Financial risks - will we have enough money to get the idea to market?

Innovators have to understand these risks and find ways to minimise them.

Miller-Klein Associates Ltd has deep experience in industrial innovation strategy and practice across many different sectors. We have seen many approaches to delivering innovation to market, both the successful and the less successful. We can help you to maximise your chances.

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