“Learning Before During and After – Notes” 

We know that we should be constantly learning, as individuals and as organisations, from every activity we undertake. Continuously building our skills and knowledge to improve our performance.

We know that we should be doing it, but somehow it doesn’t happen. We don’t organise things so that the next project benefits from our experience on the last project. We carry a lot of what we have learned as individuals in our heads, and don’t necessarily pass it on to those it would help. And as we move from organisation to organisation and job to job, a lot of that experience is lost to those we used to work with.

These notes describe widely used methods that help organisations to:

  • Learn before starting a project – make sure the project team takes full advantage of existing knowledge.
  • Learn during a project – help the team to solve problems and improve performance, embedding new learning in the organisational network.
  • Learn after a project – capturing the key lessons and passing them on to future teams.
Project Learning – Before, During and After

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